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Correct use and installation method of reducer


The installation and use of the reducer is directly related to the operation effect of the reducer, which should conform to the technical specifications and standards. The test run time of the reducer shall not be less than two hours. The standard for normal operation is that the reducer operates stably, without vibration, noise, leakage and impact. In case of any abnormality, it shall be eliminated in time.

When necessary, the transmission connecting parts of the reducer shall be equipped with protective devices, such as protrusions on the connecting parts or the use of gears, sprockets, etc. If the output shaft bears a large radial load, the reinforced type shall also be selected. Before the reducer is put into operation, it should be prepared for operation. Take down the vent plug of the oil pool and replace it with a vent plug. Open the oil level plug screw to check the oil line height. Add lubricating oil beyond the oil level plug screw until the hole overflows. Then screw on the oil level plug and confirm that it is correct before starting the trial operation.

There are many types of couplings used in the reducer, but it is better not to use rigid fixed couplings. This type of coupling is difficult to install. If it is improperly installed, the load will be increased, which is likely to cause damage to the bearing and even fracture of the output shaft. During the installation of the reducer, special attention shall be paid to the alignment of the transmission center axis, and the alignment error shall not exceed the use compensation of the coupling used for the reducer. After the reducer is aligned as required, it can obtain more ideal transmission effect and longer service life.

The fixation of the reducer is very important. To ensure stability and firmness, generally speaking, we should install the reducer on a horizontal foundation or base. At the same time, the oil in the oil drain tank should be drained and the cooling air should circulate smoothly. If the worm gear reducer is not well fixed and the foundation is not reliable, it will cause vibration, etc., and also cause unnecessary damage to the bearing and gear. Reducer is a common power transmission mechanism, which is used in various mechanical transmission systems.

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