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The company passed the ISO9001: 2001 quality management system certification, and established a comprehensive quality assurance system.

Maintenance of reducer in winter

First of all, we should not hammer the reducer housing with gravity to avoid damage. Secondly, we should regularly repair whether the installation foundation, seals, transmission shaft, etc. are normal. Avoid unnecessary troubles. At the same time, it should be noted that the maximum temperature of lubricating oil should be less than 85 ℃ during normal use. In case of abnormal oil temperature rise and abnormal noise, the machine must be shut down immediately for inspection. The machine can only be used again after troubleshooting. In addition, when replacing new spare parts, we should formally use them after running in and load test.

Building a competitive brand in the reducer industry can go out of the low-end market

The common reducer is gear reducer. According to the current situation, the effect of gear reducer in China is not very significant from the beginning of its development in China to today, and the mode of production and manufacturing has not changed. Compared with this mode, many foreign gear reducer enterprises have gained a unique market share by relying on their advantages in technology, management, capital, etc., and gradually entered the Chinese reducer market.

Robot reducer industry drives cross roller bearing market

In recent years, China's industrial automation and industrial robot industry has developed rapidly, especially in the automotive, machine tool equipment, measurement and control, optoelectronic, electronic, medical and other industries, especially the reducer robot industry, which provides a large market space for the development of the reducer specific cross roller bearing industry. PRS cross roller bearing takes advantage of its own R&D advantages, constantly innovates in science and technology, develops new product performance, improves product production efficiency, and holds a favorable position in the industry based on products under the opportunity of market internationalization.

Correct use and installation method of reducer

The installation and use of the reducer is directly related to the operation effect of the reducer, which should conform to the technical specifications and standards. The test run time of the reducer shall not be less than two hours. The standard for normal operation is that the reducer operates stably, without vibration, noise, leakage and impact. In case of any abnormality, it shall be eliminated in time.

Application of Servo Motor and Planetary Reducer in Welding Equipment

In the application of modern industrial equipment in high-precision applications, with the development of servo motor technology, from high torque density to high power density, the speed is increased by more than 3000 rpm. Because of the increase in speed, the power density of the servo motor is greatly increased. This means that whether the servo motor needs to be equipped with a reducer is mainly determined by the application demand and cost considerations.

Analysis and Discussion on Rotating Equipment of the Large Decelerator

The torque converter itself has the problem of low efficiency, which is below 90%. In many applications, the structure of torque converter must be optimized to overcome the shortcomings of low efficiency, such as locking, installing overrunning clutch and other means. The application positioning of hydraulic torque converter in the new energy field is to apply the hydraulic torque converter to special occasions to achieve functions that other equipment cannot achieve or functions that other equipment can achieve at a high cost and have certain defects. Therefore, for this positioning, it is necessary to achieve special applications with a simple and highly reliable structure, such as the hydraulic mechanical transmission device used in the wind power transmission system.

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