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Robot reducer industry drives cross roller bearing market


In recent years, China's industrial automation and industrial robot industry has developed rapidly, especially in the automotive, measurement and control, optoelectronic, electronic, medical and other industries, especially the reducer robot industry, which provides a large market space for the development of the reducer specific cross roller bearing industry. PRS cross roller bearing takes advantage of its own R&D advantages, constantly innovates in science and technology, develops new product performance, improves product production efficiency, and holds a favorable position in the industry based on products under the opportunity of market internationalization.

However, at present, most of the reducers in China are low-end products. At present, high-end reducers, such as harmonic reducers, RV reducers and robot reducers, mainly rely on imported brands. Especially in recent years, prominent robots and aerospace fields are pursuing the limit of light weight. LCD and semiconductor manufacturing equipment are pursuing the limit of ultra-thin due to the height of the system production line. The high-end reducers used in these industries also tend to be high-precision, small size, combined and fully functional, which puts forward higher and more professional requirements for these high-end reducers.

Taking advantage of the rapid development of industrial automation in China, PRS Company, focusing on the gap in the field of harmonic deceleration cross roller bearings in China, has developed a series of cross roller bearing products in the precision cross roller bearing industry through more than ten years of efforts based on its strong technical development and production capacity, and has formed a complete set of cross roller bearing product system with its own characteristics, which can completely replace similar foreign bearing products, To meet the needs of users at home and abroad, PRS has become a large cross roller bearing research and development base in China.

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