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Analysis and Discussion on Rotating Equipment of the Large Decelerator


The torque converter itself has the problem of low efficiency, which is below 90%. In many applications, the structure of torque converter must be optimized to overcome the shortcomings of low efficiency, such as locking, installing overrunning clutch and other means. The application positioning of hydraulic torque converter in the new energy field is to apply the hydraulic torque converter to special occasions to achieve functions that other equipment cannot achieve or functions that other equipment can achieve at a high cost and have certain defects. Therefore, for this positioning, it is necessary to achieve special applications with a simple and highly reliable structure, such as the hydraulic mechanical transmission device used in the wind power transmission system.

Definition of wind power (1) Definition 1: engineering technology that converts kinetic energy contained in wind into electrical energy.

(2) Definition 2: Wind power is used to drive generators to convert wind energy into electric energy.

Wind energy is a kind of random energy, and its wind speed and direction are random. Therefore, it is difficult to convert wind energy into conventional municipal electricity.

As the wind turbine generator operates at variable speed, the frequency of its power generation is not fixed and varies randomly, and the electric energy with such variable frequency must be converted into constant frequency. In order to achieve frequency fixation, there are usually two ways. One is mechanical way, namely constant speed and constant frequency. Adjust the impeller speed to ensure that the impeller speed is constant. The other is variable speed and constant frequency. That is, the impeller can operate at variable speed to achieve frequency fixation through electrical conversion.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of vscf wind power generation device has a good tip speed ratio that is basically constant. it can not only capture strong wind energy, but also adjust the power factor of the grid, improving the dynamic and static performance and stability of the power system.

But the VSCF system makes the electrical part of the wind/power conversion device more complex and expensive, especially for high-power systems. In VSCF system, several electrical control systems and frequency converters have poor output characteristics of output power and poor quality of wind power; With the development of large-scale wind power generation devices, the power conversion system is becoming more and more complex, and there are some problems in reliability. The relationship between the power of each component of the planetary transmission mechanism The planetary transmission mechanism is a transmission component, which does not generate energy or do external work. When the friction losses such as gear mesh and bearing rotation are not considered, the input energy is equal to the output energy.

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