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The company passed the ISO9001: 2001 quality management system certification, and established a comprehensive quality assurance system.

Cantilever beam of domestic reducer key project


The reducer is a mechanical transmission device in many fields of the national economy. The market demand for the reducer reflects the development speed and scale of the equipment field in China. In order to implement the development goals of the national economy stage, the state and local governments have established a large number of key projects every year. In order to meet the application needs of national key projects for domestic reducer technology, Talon Group has invested 260 million yuan in recent years to carry out production technology transformation. It has successively built hard tooth surface grinding production lines and grinding, box, central shaft and tempering production lines, strengthened technical cooperation with the international community, and constantly carried out technical innovation and management innovation to make the manufacturing technology of reducer reach the domestic leading level, Its products are trusted by domestic key projects.

In recent years, the products have entered the early projects of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, as well as the construction sites of the National South to North Water Transfer Project, the West to East Gas Transmission Project, the West Development Project and the water conservancy, power, railways, mines and river sea bridges in relevant provinces, cities and autonomous regions. Last year and the first quarter of this year, the application share of Talon reducer in national and local key projects accounted for about 1/4 of the total sales of enterprises.

To revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry and build an innovative enterprise, technological innovation must be taken as a breakthrough to enhance the core competitiveness of products. In order to improve the innovation ability of the enterprise, Talon Group has established a technology research and development center, set up more than 20 key research groups with products as the leader, and carried out technical research aiming at the international advanced level of similar products. The cycloidal reducer of Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, and the hard tooth surface reducer of Flanders and SEW Corporation of Germany are more famous in the world. They seriously digested and absorbed their technical concepts, combined with the needs of the domestic market to make technical innovation, and formed their own core technologies. It is through unremitting technical innovation that we have successfully developed a special hard tooth surface reducer for special-shaped lifting machinery; In order to develop and develop a series of port machinery reducers for supporting port hoisting, transportation and hoisting equipment; For the cement industry in China, the gear boxes of high-power abrasion resistant vertical mill and central drive mill have been developed; High temperature and oxidation resistant steel rolling drive reducer and blast furnace rotary table reducer have been developed for metallurgical industry.

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